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Cachet, panache, chic, allure, flair, flamboyant, je ne sais quoi, all of these French words or expressions are used in the English language and refer to a person's innate elegance or sense of style, or the particular character and individuality of a collectible or a house. This is what French Cachet © is about, finding these elements that are a far cry from run-of-the-mill uniformity.

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Cachet is what lends an air of distinction without being overly conventional or stodgy. The elegance will be there but with a little added spice!

It's not always about having the most expensive or elaborate bouquet of flowers, a few sprigs from the garden, a pretty vase, and voilà!

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Be flexible and creative. One vintage or antique piece can look stunning in a very modern or minimalist décor. Not all antiques have to be from the same period to go together.

Here a few antique pieces spruced up for Christmas; dare to add a bit of whimsy!

Art'Bébé phoque' by Diane Toury (private collection)
Everybody will have their own view about what they consider art. For me, it is quite straightforward, you either like a painting or you don't. I don't fall for all the snobbery that is too often associated with the buying and selling of art. I believe people might be sometimes a bit shy about walking into a gallery, whereas they can look at paintings on the web and take their time to make up their mind about it without any pressure or hype. That is why French Cachet © is presenting some of Diane Toury's work.

Just a couple of pictures to show how fresh and airy vintage crystal chandeliers can look.

Nothing old fashioned here except for the wonderful roll top bathtub!

• “Vintage chandeliers, especially ones dripping with semiprecious stones,” raves Julia-Carr Bayler, owner of the Atlanta shop Belvedere. “They’re like glowing jewelry for the home.”Click picture to ZOOM

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When I reposted some new pictures of this Verre de Clichy pitcher, I couldn't help but notice how modern this vintage or possibly antique piece looks ( the trio dates from late 19th to early 20th century).

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As this close up shows this is not your 'Grandmama's' dainty decanter! This rare Verre de Clichy trio is in excellent condition and looks contemporary and stunning.

'Chasselas' is one of my favorite vintage crystal chandeliers. The contrast between the very large clear and etched crystals and the lush green opalescent droplets make this very appealing and fresh.

Add a bit of whimsy with this quirky little chandelier. Definitely not your run of the mill lighting fixture, as its name says, "Louise Brookes" is plenty sassy!

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Beauty is as simple as a bunch of roses from the garden in an unusual little copper jug.

Little clip showcasing some of Diane Toury's paintings

Clip of our crystal chandeliers

Double the beat! Early 20th century double opaline vase

Clip of Verre de Clichy decanter, carafe and pitcher set

Gracefully Gliding

Tea for Two

Douce France
Just a few pictures of houses I love in France...

Wonderful childhood memories in my French grandmother's house.

Some of the photos on this page represent private collections but belong to French Cachet ©.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

Suzanne le Mire-Cahn

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